General Marketing Services

Destin, Florida

With our office being located in Destin, Florida - which is the heart of the Emerald Coast of Florida - we can expertly promote your North Florida business, product or service.

As marketing experts growing up along the Emerald Coast, we have great pride in the North Florida lifestyle and are here to help your business succeed through smart and effective brand promotion that simply works!

We Love to Interact

General Marketing Services refers to the social and managerial processes by which products, services, and value are exchanged in order to fulfill individuals' or groups' needs and wants. These processes include, but are not limited to, advertising, promotion, distribution, and sales. Susa Speed Marketing is ready to go to work for you with speed and skill.

Guerrilla Marketing is an advertisement strategy concept designed for small businesses to promote their products or services in an unconventional way with little budget to spend. This involves high energy and imagination focusing on grasping the attention of the public in more personal and memorable level. Unlike typical public marketing campaigns that utilize billboards, guerrilla marketing involves the application of multiple techniques and practices in order to establish direct contact with the customers. Susa Speed Marketing is ready to go!

Direct Marketing is practiced by businesses of all sizes, from the smallest start-up to the leaders on the Fortune 500. A well-executed direct advertising campaign can indicate a positive return on investment by showing how many potential customers responded to a clear call-to-action. General advertising eschews calls-for-action in favor of messages that try to build prospects’ emotional awareness or engagement with a brand. Susa Speed Marketing can quickly and expertly jump to action for you.

Social Marketing seeks to develop and integrate marketing concepts with other approaches to influence behaviors that benefit individuals and communities for the greater social good. It seeks to integrate research, best practice, theory, audience and partnership insight, to inform the delivery of competition sensitive and segmented social change programs that are effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable fro the business. Susa Speed Marketing can maintain your Social Media pages so you can focus on what you do. Susa Speed Marketing can also be your agent in the field at those social gatherings that you simply don't have time to attend but want/need to have a presence at.

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